Feng Shui Tips For The Open-Floor Plan

Feng Shui Tips For The Open-Floor Plan

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Great Feng Shui floor plans are those which ensure balanced Chi flow. The idea that an open-floor plan makes for better movement of the Chi is ill-founded because it actually is a breeding-ground for all sorts of negativities. This is because all the areas merge into one large space and creates confusion and chaos. However, one create a harmonious space if minor alterations are done with the plan, the Feng Shui way.

Boundaries: Create a separation between the two most important yet dissimilar spaces – the living and sleeping areas. Define spaces with low room-dividers, rugs and live plants. Choose a colour palette with two or more Feng Shui colours which would go a long way in enhancing the beauty of the home while outlining the spaces.

Focal point: With an open-floor plan, it might be difficult to apply room-specific Feng Shui rules. If you are wondering where to direct all the efforts, start with the main entrance. Since there’s no foyer, make sure you keep the front door area clutter-free and as Feng Shui-friendly as possible.

Organise: If there’s an open kitchen, organise it with cabinets. Include Feng Shui decorative or crystals from the ceiling for Chi flow. Gadgets should not co-exist with the sleep zone and the dining areas. Change their placing suitably.

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