Feng Shui Tips For The Living Room

Feng Shui Tips For The Living Room

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The living room of a house is a multipurpose space for socialising with your family and guests and spending leisure time. While laying out the living room, it is essential to understand the scale of furniture required and the relationship between the room and its various objects to create a comfortable, inviting and functional space. This is because a poorly arranged room can cause stress and anxiety for the occupants. This is why introducing the art of Feng Shui is a wise choice.

Layout: An ideal living room must be open from all sides. But, since this is not possible nowadays owing to space crunch, even having two exterior walls would make way for positive energies into the house.

Interiors: No apartment can be called Feng Shui-perfect if is not well-lit and well ventilated. Arrange the furniture in a way it does not block the natural light entering from the windows. Incorporate wooden furniture with rounded edges.

Must-haves: The basic rule in Feng Shui is to eliminate negativity. This can be achieved simply with Feng Shui decorative like a Buddha statue or lucky plants. Hang artwork which is lively and reflects positivity. You can also suspend crystals from the window or the ceiling for the much-needed positive vibes.

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