Feng Shui Tips For The Indoor Plants

Feng Shui Tips For The Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants energise your home with the goodness of the wood element which they represent. Now, if you plan to include houseplants in as part of your home décor, make sure you do it the Feng Shui way. This will help you create a harmonious environment in your personal territory. Traditionally, the good Feng Shui plants are either the air purifying ones or those lucky plants that bring good fortune. So, bring nature indoors and deck up your home with these simple tips:

*Indoor plants should be positioned in the bagua areas of the east, the southeast and the south which are nourished by the wood element of the plant.

*Plants boost the energy of an area and the Chi movement where they are placed. So, keep them in the confined areas of the house such as corners, staircase, bathrooms, top of fridge or near the computer.

*Spiky plants are likely to attract undesired energy. Instead, use plants with large or round leaves such as rubber plant, bamboo or peace lily.

*Beams or low ceiling constrict energies. Counter the negative effect by locating tall plants in the corners.

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