Feng Shui Tips For The Hallway

Feng Shui Tips For The Hallway

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A Feng Shui-compliant house should include a spacious foyer. Why so? Besides the front door and the connecting pathway, the foyer or the hallway encounters the Chi before any other room in the house. An appealing hallway makes you pause and reflect, exactly in the same manner as it breaks and regulates the Chi gushing into your house.

Adopt these simple techniques to Feng Shui your hallway:

Décor: Go for an enchanting arrangement of bright flowers on a corner table or wall shelves. Place a mirror on the side of the main door as it would reflect away the positive energies if placed on the opposite wall. An artwork of beautiful landscape would be uplifting and enhance the Chi movement.

Organise the space: Do not turn the foyer into a dumping space for shoes or bags. Keep the space walkable and clutter-free and adorn it with stylish rugs.

Lighting: A good source of natural light for the hallway makes for the best Feng Shui design. If it is not possible, go for artificial lighting.

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