Feng Shui Tips For The Garden

Feng Shui Tips For The Garden

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A Feng Shui garden is the one which strengthens your connection with the nature and allows smooth flow of energies into your home. Here is how to make that happen:

Chi: The Chi flows in a curved path. So, make sure garden pathways are not too straight. Clear way all the dried leaves scattered on the ground which is important for better flow of the energies. Energise the stagnant areas, including the entry point with proper outdoor lighting.

Balance: A vibrant garden does not fail to kindle the sense with fragrant, beautiful flowers and the sound of flowing water. Include a mix of colourful plants with red ones like thorny rosebushes in the south corner, the area synonymous with the fire element. Create the perfect balance with a metal fence or décor piece in the west and flowing-water features such as fountain in the north corner.

 Yin and Yang: Pick a varity of plant types with different sizes and leaf shapes. Pot plants with delicate flower petals, representing feminine Yin alongside some with thick ones that are more like the masculine Yang.

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