Feng Shui Tips For The Dining Room

Feng Shui Tips For The Dining Room

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The layout, direction and décor of the dining room play huge role in the overall well-being of your home, says Feng Shui. The dining room can help you build relationships and bring harmony to your home, if designed according to the rules prescribed in Feng Shui.

Layout: The dining room and kitchen are two interrelated spaces and must be placed closed to each other, as they have traditionally been. Do not align the table with any door and float it conveniently away from the walls so that it becomes easier to access from any side. 

Décor: A mirror placed in a way it reflects the food served is symbolic of abundance of food and wealth. Add a classic touch to the space with accent lighting and chandeliers at the right centre above the table. A good Feng Shui dining room is the one with minimal décor. So, do not go overboard.

Furniture: Oval or round dining tables augment the flow of Chi compared to square or rectangular ones whose sharp edges represent the evil spirit. Sleek glass table-tops might look elegant but certainly do not work out well for the dining room.

Colour theme: Choose a yellow colour theme which boosts appetite and ensures harmony in the house. Mix and match with other warmer tones but make sure you maintain the balance of colours.

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