Feng Shui Tips For Staircase Design

Feng Shui Tips For Staircase Design

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A staircase connects two or more living areas of the house and allows the hurtling movement of the Chi, say Feng Shui experts. This is why the location of the staircase becomes important, especially when it is placed facing the main entrance. It is better to avoid such a plan.

Here are some Feng Shui tips for designing a staircase:

*A staircase created at the centre of the house will promote instability as the positive Chi situated at the heart of a house will drain out. It is better to construct the stairs at the side of the house.

*The same rule applies for a staircase with a spiral design which can make the Chi get trapped. Choose a slightly curved design instead.

*A staircase should be complete with no gaps. Although open risers are quite popular, such a design can lead to energy leak.

*Solid materials such as wood should be used for building a staircase.

*Install bright lights at the beginning of the stairs with some potted plants at the sides.

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