Feng Shui Tips For Placing The Fu Dogs

Feng Shui Tips For Placing The Fu Dogs

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Chinese Guardian Lions or Imperial Guardian Lions are often called the Fu Dogs, and are placed inside or outside buildings to block negative energies. Depicted as ferocious beasts or Shishi - as they are referred to, Fu Dogs first made their appearance as stone temple dogs. The striking features of the statue - flowing manes and wide-open mouths - signified that they were protecting the place. The figurines have now evolved as portable versions making their way into homes to add elegance to the space.

So, here is a quick guide on placing the Fu Dogs at home.


Fu Dogs include - a male and female - and must be placed together. This creates a balance of the Yin-and-Yang forces. Traditionally, one is depicted with an open mouth and the other closed, to represent the in-and-out breathing of life. Huge statues of Fu Dogs would beautify a front door (of a home or office), garden or outdoor spaces when placed on the either side. The female (that has its paws on a baby lion) must be placed on the left side of the door, as you face towards it from the outside. The male (laying its paws on a ball) should be placed on the other side.

The Guardian Lions can be placed in the living room in any clutter free corner. Ensure they do not face each other. Do not place them in separate rooms.

Bagua areas and types of Fu Dogs

  • The Guardian Lions are also seen as wealth symbols. However, the material of which they are made should be considered for their placement for best results. Typically, metal statues of Fu Dogs work well when placed in the north, the northwest or the west bagua areas.
  • Multi-coloured Fu Dogs are excellent décor pieces as well as protection symbols for a south-facing or a west-facing front door.
  • Fu Dogs can be displayed as symbols of protection on the mystic knot.
  • Other material options that are believed to have positive effects are Jade, Porcelain and Bronze.

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