Feng Shui Tips For Placing Fish Tank

Feng Shui Tips For Placing Fish Tank

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Keeping a fish tank at home is a great Feng Shui cure to ward off negative energies and bring prosperity since water features are also synonymous with wealth and abundance. However, aquarists often seek answers to the right placement, design and components to include in an aquarium. We bring you some tips on keeping a fish tank at home:

Location: Feng Shui is all about the right placement of objects for the streamlined flow of Chi. An aquarium can be placed in the bagua areas of the southeast, the north or the east that are related to aspects of wealth, career, health and relationships. Ideally, the living room serves as a great location for the tank but make sure the room is calm and peaceful as fishes are disturbed by noise. Avoid keeping aquariums in the bedroom or kitchen.

Décor: Follow Feng Shui rules when decorating your tank by including the five vital elements. While you have plants and gravel for the earth element, add lights and fishes of red hues for the fire element. Spherical aquarium structures make for a strong presence of the metal element while rectangular and square ones are more like the earth and wood element, respectively.

Good luck: In Chinese culture, number nine is regarded auspicious. Some Feng Shui experts believe that certain fish-species bring good fortune for the owner. You could pick eight goldfish and a black fish or include popular ones like arowana, flowerhorn or dragonfish.

Maintenance: For the sake of the fish’ health, regularly maintenance of the tank is a must. Thoroughly clean the aquarium by scrubbing off any algae or gunk to keep away the negative Chi. Use clean and oxygenated water in the aquarium.

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