Feng Shui Tips For Placement Of Dragon Symbol

Feng Shui Tips For Placement Of Dragon Symbol

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The Chinese dragon is a mythical being which acts as a protector and is a symbol of power, strength, wisdom and auspicious energies. According to Feng Shui experts keeping statues or images of the dragon at home to enhance luck and opportunities in life. We bring you some easy ways in which you could include the Dragon Symbol in the house:

Yang Energy: The dragon represents the strong yang force or male energy. It brings support and nourishment to the area where it is placed. So, place it in your office, living room, bedroom or kitchen. As water represents wealth, the dragon which faces any water source like the sink or fountains, brings prosperity. However, when placing it in the bedroom, ensure you pair it with the ‘Phoenix’ because high yang energy can hamper sleep.

Options: There are various ways you could include dragon symbols in your home - artwork and carvings are popular among all. However, you can invite Chi with dragon designs on lamp shades, wall decals, lanterns, furniture, calendars or jewellery. Remember, avoid keeping dragons in threes. And do not exceed a maximum of five as excess dragon energies can have opposite effects.

Bagua: The east, southwest or northeast bagua areas are ideal for the placement of the dragon. Combine the figurine with the benefits of compatible elements viz. wooden dragon figure for the east; and crystal or ceramic dragons in the southwest or northeast.

Positioning: If not used respectfully, dragons can cause the positive effects to reverse. Hence, keep in mind to place the statue at a suitable height, preferably at an eye level - neither too low nor too high. This power animal should be positioned in a clutter-free zone, facing the house but not walls, windows or corners.

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