Feng Shui Tips For Patio

Feng Shui Tips For Patio

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Whether it is a sprawling terrace or a small patio attached to your apartment, outdoor spaces serve as party zone or a personal sanctuary for your family. In Feng Shui, outdoor spaces are a must-have to maintain the right balance of Yin and Yang, since they link your house with the outside world. There are several ways in which you can transform your patio to bring in harmony into your home.

Décor: Awnings or sunshades are shield that also add elegance to the area. But, ensure you are familiar with the basic concepts of Feng Shui before you install them. For instance, a mirror in the patio will reflect away all good and bad energies. Adorn the space with wind-chimes, Pi Xiu or lucky Dragon. These will keep away attacking forces.

Plants: House plants represent the life force and emit abundant life energy around. Potted plants could be used to conceal the sharp edges which spread, what Feng Shui terms as the ‘poison arrows’.

Privacy: Hang light curtains which will take care of the privacy and harmony aspects yet create an aesthetic appeal.

Colour scheme: Include purple, gold or blue colours for prosperity. Combine it with a mix of red, pink or white to add warmth.

Balance: Bring in the fire element with an outdoor barbeque in the centre or the left corner, and a fountain for the water element.

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