Feng Shui Tips For Pathway Designs

Feng Shui Tips For Pathway Designs

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The path leading to the front door is an integral part of the house and should never be neglected. A walkway which is old and cracked affects the quality of energies moving towards the house. Keeping it in good condition is of utmost importance in Feng Shui as it helps carry the Chi smoothly.

Do note:

*A pathway which meanders towards the entry point is regarded to be a good Feng Shui design as a straight path is known to catch sharp energies. The Chi also flows in a curved path and this design proves beneficial. Similarly, the walkway or the driveway should neither be too narrow nor too wide.

*Adorning the walkway makes way for auspiciousness and positive forces. You could explore with various landscaping options like stepping stones, terracotta tiles, bamboo or wood planks, etc. which add elegance and bring a balance of elements.

*Install bright sidelights as a well-lit pathway encourages yang energy.

*Trees and tall healthy plants make a walkway look attractive and symbolise good fortune.

*Adding water fountains fulfils the requirement of the water element and act as a décor piece too. Keep it to the right of the walkway.

*Place colourful rugs and a clearly-displayed number plate which will promote positivity.

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