Feng Shui Tips For Maintaining Yin-Yang Balance In Kitchen

Feng Shui Tips For Maintaining Yin-Yang Balance In Kitchen

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While designing a Feng Shui-compliant kitchen, care is taken to maintain the yin-yang balance. These two opposing forces need to be in sync with each other in any space, especially in the kitchen where the yang forces should be emphasised more than yin energies. Here’s how to use Feng Shui methods for yin-yang balance in kitchen:

Appliances: The kitchen house is synonymous with food, heat, sounds and movement, all yang in nature. It is a place where you would find all the five elements of nature, the fire, the water, the earth, the wood and the metal. In the same space, there are yang sources such as the stove or oven as well as the sources of yin such as refrigerator or sink. It is best to keep them away from each other to avoid conflicting energies.

Furniture: The same way, you can achieve yin-yang balance with the right choice of furniture design. Instead of going overboard with one material, strike a balance with creative designs like a furniture with metal legs and wooden top.

Lights: Bright lights emanate yang energies. Choose bright lights or accent lights, especially above the kitchen island.

Colours: Speaking about colours and texture, the combination of shiny and dull, subtle and dark shades, new and old or rustic, all lead to the yin-yang balance. Go for bright reds and whites or purples and blues. Opt for industrial accents for interiors which would help you experiment with new patterns and colours.

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