Feng Shui Tips For Main Door Colours

Feng Shui Tips For Main Door Colours

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Adding a coat of fresh paint to the doors can help revive the lost sheen of your house. In case you are going to engage in such an occupation, you might mind certain rules prescribed in Feng Shui. Here, the colour selection is determined by the governing element of the direction, where a door is situated. The right choice of colour, therefore, will guide the Chi to find the door and bring along attractive opportunities and nourishment in the specific life areas.

Here’s a quick guide:

*The east direction represents the earth element. So, you should opt for earthy or wood tones such as green or brown for the doors that face the east. These tones would also be suitable for the southeast-facing doors. The alternative option could be colours of the water element.

*The south direction is known to be the fire zone which is why shades of orange, yellow, pink or red work best for the doors here. Wood tones are an additional option.

*The southwest is the direction which represents wealth and nourishing energies. Doors in this direction can be painted in warm hues such as beige, light yellow or sandy colours. They are perfect colours for northeast doors, too.

*Metallic tones add spark to west-facing doors as metal is the ruling element for this zone. Other recommended colours include white, grey or silver. These are great choices for northwest-facing doors as well.

*Use black or water shades such as blue for doors facing the north direction.

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