Feng Shui Tips For Light Fixtures

Feng Shui Tips For Light Fixtures

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Lighting, whether artificial or natural, is regarded as a powerful source of energy in Feng Shui. A good quality lighting in the house is responsible for lifting and circulating the Chi while also making the place look appealing.  The simplest way you could achieve a positive space is by opening up the windows to let in the sunlight. However, if this is not enough, follow these Feng Shui tips for bringing positive energies with light fixtures:

Balance: Different areas of the house require a particular kind of lighting effect for the right balance of yin and yang energies. Keep this in mind while picking the lighting options for any room. For instance, soft lights in bedrooms offer a soothing Yin effect which aid in sleep. On the contrary, bright lights near staircase are auspicious and help in capturing the Chi entering from the doors.

Remedies: Lights are effective tools to eliminate bad energies. Dark corners, areas near pillars and sharp edges are zones emanating the attacking Sha Chi. Install wall sconces or accent lights for these spaces. Wall lighting is an excellent option for any home office, too.  

Chi: Placing lighted crystals in the foyer or near the entrance is a smart way to energise the space while giving it a contemporary touch. Although, large chandeliers are the best options to illuminate the living and dining rooms, you can also go the traditional way with floor lamps, torchieres or table lamps, if you require more of the Yang energy in the area. However, if the room is big enough, try accent lighting for better energy flow. Install ceiling lights above the kitchen island but make sure they do not hang above the stove.

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