Feng Shui Tips For Kitchen

Feng Shui Tips For Kitchen

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Each part of home is equally important, but it will not be wrong to state that some of them are more important than the other. Yes, we are talking about your kitchen. This is place from where we get the fuel to run. Considering this is an all-important periphery, we could apply some Feng Shui basics here to get the best out of our kitchen.

Follow these simple steps to create a Feng Shui-compliant kitchen:

Alignment: A kitchen facing the main entrance of the house is not considered Feng Shui-friendly. This is particularly true of the stove which is the centrepiece. Ensure the stove is not in line with the doors, washroom or bedrooms.

Colours: Go for a mix of colour red and yellow which boosts the fire element. Complement them with artwork that goes well with the spaces.

Balance: Organise the kitchen using wooden cabinets. The kitchen area already consists of four elements, fire, water, metal (appliances) and earth. Incorporate the wood (nature) element by placing fresh fruit, flowers or plants on the kitchen table. This creates a strong effect.

Energy flow: Excess items can block the energies. Keep the countertops clean and clutter-free and keep the kitchen supplies inside the cabinets. Cleaning the kitchen area regularly, including the stove, is vital. Do not keep knives or sharp objects in the open.

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