Feng Shui Tips For Furniture Arrangement

Feng Shui Tips For Furniture Arrangement

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Changing the furniture layout in the house is the key to comfort and leveraging the functionality of any space. Having the right spacing for each piece of furniture goes a long way in giving your room a spacious and elegant look. The Chinese concept of Feng Shui can be a useful link to achieve a harmonious and organised living space by proper furniture placement.

Chi flow

Sofa or chairs are integral elements of any living room. Arrange them to a circular or U-shaped formation, yet a conversation-friendly layout, which allows the Chi to move across smoothly. Do not place two seats directly facing each other which typically trigger arguments.

Power position

According to the common Feng Shui rule, furniture should not be positioned with the back facing towards the door. Keep important furniture like an office desk or cabinets in a ‘power position’ or ‘command position’ i.e. facing the door helps improve career prospects. If this is not possible for chairs, place a mirror on the opposite wall so that the person sitting is aware of who enters through the door. However, for bedrooms, make sure the bed is not directly in front of the door which can expose the occupant to negative energies.

Clear pathway

The Chi needs an unobstructed pathway to flow. Make sure the doorways are kept clear while placing furniture. Always leave a gap of few inches between the wall and furniture. Moreover, the Chi tends to accumulate in sharp corners of the room, you can place side tables, lamps or corner shelves to push stagnant the Chi.

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