Feng Shui Tips For Creating Yin-Yang Balance In Outdoor Spaces

Feng Shui Tips For Creating Yin-Yang Balance In Outdoor Spaces

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Whether it is a backyard or a landscaped garden, a well-designed outdoor space can be a perfect haven for you and your family to spend leisure moments. In Feng Shui, both indoor and outdoor spaces hold equal importance in ensuring a harmonious environment, which is created by the presence of positive energies. You can achieve this with the right balance of the five elements of nature or the proportionate arrangement of yin and yang elements. Listed below are some tips to follow to achieve that.

Get rid of poison arrows: Before creating a Feng Shui-compliant outdoor area, you must first address the key Feng Shui issues by identifying poison arrows and afflicted areas which can disrupt the harmony. For instance, poison arrows can emanate from utility poles, unused furniture, clutter, any sharp branches or other objects. The easiest way to block these attacking energies is by placing bushy plants to visually hide them. 

Enlighten your abode: The strong energies of the sun and exterior space are defined by yang forces whereas the calming light of the moon and interior spaces are represented by yin energies. In any case, availability of an open space and shady shelter make for an ideal garden or a patio. Go for wooden garden shelter, pergolas or gazebos with uniquely designed canopies.

Let colours and contrasts flow: Along with your seasonal display of perennial and annual flowering plants, make small changes to include a variety of planters having different leaf-shapes and coloured flowers. For instance, plants with delicate flower petals are yin while those with thick stems and board leaves are yang.

Bring in the life energy: Inviting positive life energy through living beings, such as pets, also attracts Yang forces which flourish in outdoor areas. Design a dedicated pet zone which not just makes your pet feel at home but also brings in the yin-yang balance.

Create the perfect symmetry: Too much of furniture or excess plantings on one side of the garden can stifle the energies. It is wise to pay attention to the symmetry of things as left and right are yin and yang, respectively. Similarly, even numbers represent yin while odd number denote yang energy.

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