Feng Shui Tips For Colour Theme For Outdoor Spaces

Feng Shui Tips For Colour Theme For Outdoor Spaces

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Just the way the smell and sounds of nature make an outdoor space welcoming and comfortable, the choice of the right colour scheme ensures harmony and balance while taking the décor appeal to the next level. When applying Feng Shui principles for outdoor spaces - a garden, a backyard patio or a small terrace - going for a five-elemental colour scheme is highly recommended by experts. You will have a variety of choices as the idea is about bringing the benefits of all elements of nature.

Here are some tips for selecting a colour theme for outdoor spaces:

Fire colours

From the walls to furniture and accent pieces, make sure that you do not stick to just one colour theme. Invite the fire element with orange coloured chairs or red or vibrant yellow outdoor sofas. This will help garner active energy to the space.

Softer colours

Bring in softer hues as accents for yin-yang balance. Opt for metallic colours such as white or silver. Black or greys are good options if you are planning to paint a fence, door or a window shutter. Plant some purple or blue flowers in the wealth corner. The combination of blue and purple will not only attract positive wealth luck but will also promote relaxation.

Earthy colours

Invite grounding energy of yellow or brown colours which would lead to stability and protection. You could do this by adding some yellow flowers and clay pots in the patio. While green plants fulfil the requirement of the wood element, a deep green for roof will only complement the overall décor as wood is nourished by the water element hues.

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