Feng Shui Tips For Colour Theme For Kids’ Room

Feng Shui Tips For Colour Theme For Kids’ Room

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To ensure your children grow up to be happy, optimistic, healthy and confident, the process starts with building a comfortable environment for them ─ a child-friendly bedroom. Feng Shui principles can be of great help for parents wanting to design it. In addition to multifunctional furniture, cosy bedding and playful accessories, colours are crucial to encourage activity while also supporting rest and relaxation.

Here are some tips for a Feng Shui-compliant colour scheme in children’s bedroom:

Metallic colours: The west direction denotes the life area of children and creativity. Whites or greys are the colours of the west bagua area. Choose them as the main colour theme, say for the west wall and furniture.

Earthy colours: Earthy colours are Yin in nature. They build a nourishing space while providing a feeling of safety. An easy way to bring these colours is through decorations. Pick wall art, pillows, bedsheets and curtains in shades of soft yellow, green, salmon or terracotta.

Warm colours: If you want to calm a hyperactive child, introduce light and warm blue hues. This colour is another option for a main colour theme for the room.

What to avoid?

Excess yang colours such as orange or red can make your child restless which is why softer colours are always recommended for a kid’s bedroom. Yet, if your child insists on some bright colours, pick deeper shades such as crimson pink, magenta or red for the upholstery, rugs and cushions.

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