Feng Shui Tips For Building Bathrooms

Feng Shui Tips For Building Bathrooms

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Ancient Chinese philosophy Feng Shui talks extensively about the important of water as a source of prosperity in our lives. In line with that philosophy, it also prescribes specific rules while building bathrooms. A Feng Shui-friendly bathroom provides a space for purification with the absorption of positive Chi.

Chi flow: Place a mirror outside the bathroom door. Mirrors help speed up and circulate the energies. It will reflect away the Chi into the living areas instead of any energy leak. While you do this, also remember to declutter the room and keep the door closed.

Ambience: Include the wood element, using flowers and plants to counter the draining effect of water. Ensure to keep the room clean and sparkling. Add some artwork and candles that will make you feel refreshed.

Ventilation: The bathroom is energised if it is exposed to natural light and fresh air. Dampness attracts negative energies.

Colours: Rugs of metallic hues will create a balancing effect. Also, greens and blues work best for bathrooms.

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