Feng Shui Tips For Bathroom Colour Theme

Feng Shui Tips For Bathroom Colour Theme

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Certain areas of the house, such as the bathroom, are likely sources of negative energies. In order to eliminate harmful energies created in a bathroom space, colours can work as specific elements to prevent the positive ‘Qi’ energy to simply drain.

 Here’s a quick guide on using the best colours for the bathroom:

 Yin-yang colours: Presence of stagnant water can create more of yin energy with excess waste water resulting in loss of wealth. A simple cure would be to pick some yang colours such as dark brown hues for bathroom flooring and cabinets. You must add some lighter colors in order to balance the yang with yin vibes. There are few good options for you, ranging from white, cream to light browns. However, a touch of ecru for the walls or curtains will help bring elegance to the space with the benefits of yin energy.

Wood element colours: Presence of wood element in the exhaustive cycle could aid in depleting the water element. This is why browns are the most recommended colours in the bathroom space. Greens are alternative colours and symbolise the wood element, too. Make your selection from a wide color palette of greens. For instance, rich forest green shade would work fine for the countertop.

 What to avoid?

 Experts suggest avoiding excess black and blue colours, both of which symbolise the water element, in the bathroom area.

Those looking to add some vibrancy to the room can instead opt for earth- element hues such as browns, tans and yellow. These could be used as an accent while adding color depth in the form of various bathroom accessories — wall art, window shades, spa toiletries, rugs, etc.

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