Feng Shui: These Colour Themes Can Attract Wealth

Feng Shui: These Colour Themes Can Attract Wealth

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Colours in Feng Shui have a big role to play in maintaining harmony and balance of energies as well as in influencing our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Also, colours in Feng Shui help cure spaces.

If you are looking to revamp an existing or decorate a new house, here are some useful tips to add some Feng Shui wealth cures using colours:


Rich, deep shades of purple will bring a striking and royal look to your home. The colour is a symbol of royalty, wealth and spirituality of a high level. You can go for accent purple colours for the money corner - the southeast and the secondary wealth location - north.


Greens and browns are the dominant colours for the southeast bagua areas. The colour is a representation of balance, growth and abundance. Choosing accent colours of green will not just invite the freshness of nature into the interiors but would also attract wealth. There are a variety of interesting shades of green - from bold emeralds to chic limes - you could select for the money corners.


The colour of gold has traditionally been a symbol of luxury, success and power. Try creating modern contrasts with other interior elements with gold colours. As per Chinese Feng Shui, the energy of gold in the house invites wealth. Whether it is with décor pieces or furniture finishes, there are many ways you can mix gold in the interiors. The right spaces where you could experiment with golden colours are southeast, north or west areas.


The west bagua area corresponds with the Metal element. Metallic hues like whites and greys work best for a west facing door or window and also for the north corner.


Golden colours could become a bit harsh for the kids’ room. You could rather pick soft and bright yellows as an alternative for decorations. Pinkish yellow are other shades you can consider as other options for interior décor with the benefits of Gold.

Fiery colours

Reds bring strong energies and activate the luck factor. They are excellent choices for fabrics, say for the rugs and curtains in the living room.

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