Feng Shui: Switch On Positive Energy With Lights

Feng Shui: Switch On Positive Energy With Lights

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The right degree of illumination in a house or an office space helps build a harmonious and productive environment. If we go by the principles of Feng Shui, a sole overhead lighting fixture may not be effective in creating a positive space. It is important to light up dark corners and empty spaces, too, in order to promote a smooth flow of chi, the good energy.

Mentioned below are some simple Feng Shui tips for placement of light fixtures at home or office.

Lights for good luck

The purpose of lights, according to Feng Shui, is not only illuminating a space, but also attracting good energies that can activate a particular life area. For instance, use of bright lights in south zone ─ the fame and reputation corner ─ can push towards your career goal. You can install crystal chandeliers in this bagua area of your living room for career success.

Lights for yin energy

Although, bright lights are associated with yang forces, soft lighting creates a yin effect. This is why use of soft lights in restful spaces such as bedroom is highly recommended.

Lights for chi flow

As stated above, keeping the path leading to your main door, that is, the foyer area, and staircase dark and dingy can hamper growth and prosperity in the house. Go for modern accent lighting options to give an elegant appeal to these spaces.

Coloured light fixtures

Coloured bulbs or lamp shades brings along the characteristics of specific colours and their associated benefits. For instance, you can go for white and off-white lighting in temple area at home, pink shades for bedroom, red for the living room and purple for office space.  

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