Feng Shui: Prosper With Wealth Ship

Feng Shui: Prosper With Wealth Ship

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The golden wealth ship, also known as the sailing boat, is a traditional Feng Shui money cure which works just like the classic Chinese coins or the three-legged toad. As the name suggests, the symbol is a beautiful ship depicted with multiple masts or sometimes shown as a dragon boat that carried the eight immortals as per the Chinese legend.  As a luck-enhancer, the wealth ship does find a spot in your abode.

Here are some simple Feng Shui techniques for the placement.

Bagua area for placement

The wealth ship is often displayed as sailing into your house from your sheng chi direction. This means, you should always position the object facing inwards from the main door and not the other way around. Once this rule is taken care of, you can proceed ahead with displaying it in the bagua area which is compatible with the symbol.

The southeast corner of your living room defines the life area of money and abundance. Set the wealth ship here at a clutter-free spot. The northwest corner is another favourable zone for placing the wealth ship. This direction corresponds to life areas involving helpful people and thus would attract new opportunities for the owner. Since it is in a ‘metal element’ zone, the Wealth Ship will bring good results if it is loaded with other money symbols such as ingots and coins.

Also note

If you decide to place the wealth ship in your work area, you can expect a positive change as far as your career goes. Adorn a miniature figurine of the wealth ship on your work desk and see the difference. The symbol is beneficial, especially for those looking to expand their business. Another easy way to showcase the symbol is through paintings or artwork.

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