Feng Shui: Invoke Wealth Deity Kuan Kung To Boost Business

Feng Shui: Invoke Wealth Deity Kuan Kung To Boost Business

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In the Oriental culture, wealth deities hold a special place in the hearts of people. The Tibetans call it as Jambhala; Koreans and Thais have the Wealth Buddhas; Indians regard it as Kubera. On the other hand, the Chinese and Feng Shui believers worship many wealth gods, including Kuan Kung (Kuan Yu or Guan Gong) who is known to do great benefit to businessmen.

Kuan Kung symbol types: The wealth deity is available in the form of paintings, statues or powerful amulets.

*Statues of Kuan Kung depicted as standing or on horseback denotes strength and courage which also brings quick results.

*Metal statues, like bronze or brass figurines, of the wealth god create positive energy and benefits the owner with financial security and new opportunities.

*The Kuan Kung, dressed in the 9-Dragon robe, has strong combative powers where wealth is concerned. So, you could choose to wear, or display wood carved or black Obsidian amulets of the deity to protect existing wealth.

Placement: Displaying images of Kuan Kung on the entrance door of a home or office keeps away the harmful energy, known as the Sha Chi. Placing the image or statue of Kuan Kung in the northwest corner of the house is said to have positive effects. Position the image behind your seat at workplace to ensure you always have the powerful support from important people.

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