Feng Shui: How To Use Colour To Brighten Your Career Prospects?

Feng Shui: How To Use Colour To Brighten Your Career Prospects?

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A Feng Shui-compliant colour scheme in your home or office space can positively influence your career while also bringing along a stroke of luck for new opportunities and a bright future. The ancient Chinese philosophy recommends simple colour-remedies to cure career-related problems.

Here is what you could do:

The right place

Bagua areas: Although the north direction is the bagua area of the house which denotes career, there are other important corners you should focus on, which are closely linked to the career corner, namely the southeast, the south, the east, and the northwest.

The colour scheme

Water hues: Water hues, especially blue and black, are compatible with the career zone and serve as enhancer for your professional efforts. Bring in these deep colours and also other dark shades such as navy blue and greys for your career zone in the form of artwork or photo frames. Invite pureness and calmness of blues to boost clarity of mind, a necessary condition when one’s geared up to achieve a goal.

Yellow: Yellow symbolises wealth, and is also counted among the many shades which dominate the career luck. If you are looking to move up the career ladder or earnestly seeking a promotion, it is time to activate your career luck. Go for yellow lights and tone in the living room.

Green: Greens work best for east and southeast corner as the dominant colour for the two bagua areas. Place lots of indoor plants or pick home décor elements in deep green shades. This will provide the supporting energies for the required thrust in your career advancement.

Red: Pick red-coloured furniture and décor in bagua area. The colour will carry the required fiery energies to energise your career sector.

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