Feng Shui: Bring Home Peace Of Mind With Sheep Symbol

Feng Shui: Bring Home Peace Of Mind With Sheep Symbol

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The sheep, also referred to as goat or ram, is a symbol of good fortune in Feng Shui. The animal, which is one among the Chinese horoscope symbols, also signifies qualities such as business intelligence, peace of mind, kindness, faith, respect and independence. As an ardent follower of Feng Shui, you can add this symbol as part of your home décor or office space. Mentioned below are some tips to display the sheep symbol at home.

As a remedy for illness

The sheep possess powers to keep illness at bay, cure diseases and prevent disasters. Place a pair of bronze sheep in the bedroom. Position the figurines on either side of the headboard.

As a luck enhancer

Figurines of the sheep are excellent décor pieces for an office desk. The symbol enhances the luck factor and helps in resolving work-related troubles and tiffs. As a good-luck charm, a statue of Three Goats could be installed in the house, to dispel bad energies and augment the qualities of love and care among the family members.

As a symbol for prosperity  

Figurines or images of the ram or the golden sheep act as a perfect wealth cure. They are available in various forms such as one with gold ingots or Wu Lou, one having a thick fur designed from Chinese gold coins; a goat sitting above a wealth pot or biting on a gold coin.

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