City Beat: Recent Infra Initiatives To Help Gurgaon Become A World-Class City [Video]

City Beat: Recent Infra Initiatives To Help Gurgaon Become A World-Class City [Video]

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Those who live in Gurgaon love Gurgaon, and the Haryana government is making many efforts to make the city more lovable. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has announced several measures that will significantly improve infrastructure in Gurgaon.

And, more importantly, the chief minister is planning to allocate more funds to improve water and electricity supply. A smart grid is going to be set up in the city for uninterrupted supply of electricity, while new water pipelines will be set for better water flow. According to the CM, in the coming two years, it should be possible to provide an uninterrupted power supply to citizens. Power outages and water woes have been a major cause for concern among authorities and a point of complaint for people living in apartments in Gurgaon.

What else? To ease traffic between Gurgaon main city and Dharuhera, a six-lane road project is being built from Mahavir Chowk to Dharuhera. So far, people going towards Dharuhera get stuck in heavy traffic jams within the city.

According to experts, all these moves will certainly strengthen the basic infrastructure, boost property prices in Gurgaon, and further the city's cause of transforming itself into a world-class one on all parameters.

Another development that will boost property in Gurgaon and take the city a step ahead is the setting up of an early earthquake alarm system. In fact, Gurgaon will be the first city in the national capital region to have a system that detects seismic waves 30 seconds before the initial tremors strike. Apart from raising an alarm, the system will automatically switch off lights and all other activities that involve electricity. In case of a crisis, the warning system will be able to alert people living within a six-kilometre radius. After initial testing, authorities plan to update the system into a public alarm system. For a city that has as many as 1,100 highrises, having a system like this is seen as a good step forward.

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