City Beat: Pune Set To Waive Property Tax Charges On Ex-Servicemen, War Widows [Video]

City Beat: Pune Set To Waive Property Tax Charges On Ex-Servicemen, War Widows [Video]

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Acknowledging that their services to the country are priceless, the Pune Municipal Corporation is planning to keep war widows and former servicemen out of the ambit of property tax. The benefits would apply only on one property in case you own multiple properties in the city. On the other hand, these benefits will be extended to properties that are jointly owned. When passed, the proposal will come into effect from April this year.  According to the municipal body officials, the move is a token of appreciation and is aimed to recognise the works of defence personnel and their relatives. It is to be noted that property tax is the main source of revenue for the municipal body and it may have to make different arrangement to bridge any gaps that may arise after putting in place the recent proposal.

In another development, report shows that cases pertaining to illegal construction in the city have turned into a major headache for the Pune Municipal Corporation. Data show that 80 per cent of the cases in the civic body court are related to illegal constructions. The disputes include residential and commercial setups both. While the PMC grants 4,500 building approvals every year, the number of constructions in the city is seeing a sharp rise owing to an increased demand. According to its official website, the PMC handles over 900 property-related cases every year. It has to be noted that the city, known as Maharashtra's cultural capital, is a hub for information technology and automobile industries. It is also a popular choice for students from across the country. Due to these factors, Pune has seen a large-scale migration in the past decade. To reap the benefits of this opportunity, illegal constructions have mushroomed in the city.

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