City Beat: Kolkata To Launch Online Property Mutation Process [Video]

City Beat: Kolkata To Launch Online Property Mutation Process [Video]

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The City of Joy is making every effort to make life even more joyful for those living in Kolkata. Kolkata Mayor Sovan Chatterjee recently placed a Rs 3,793 crore Budget for the financial year 2016-17, in which he put special focus on improving urban infrastructure in the city. From better water supply to a more efficient drainage system, the major has promised to improve it all. The mayor said the civic body in Kolkata would ensure filtered water supply to everyone in the coming three years.

The mayor is particularly sure of making the city more tech savvy and this is why the civic body in Kolkata has initiated several steps that would help people of Kolkata avail of many services by just clicking. The civic body has already introduced an online property tax payment system and many more services are coming online. 

Recently, it was announced the Kolkata Municipal Corporation will initiate online mutation process for properties. After seeing the initial response, the civic body will go ahead with a full-fledged online facility for property mutation. KMC officials are working hard to prepare the modalities of the system.  

In another development, the KMC has decided to implement the unit area assessment method for giving building plan approvals. Under this method, you can self asses your property and declare it to the civic authority, based on which your property tax will be calculated. Any intentional miscalculation, however, will end up you facing a penalty.

It is to be noted that the self-unit area assessment method is already being used by civic authorities in all major Indian cities, and it is being implemented in Kolkata after much delay. The state legislature had given its approval to this method in 2006.

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