City Beat: Indore To Start Its Smart Makeover With Rs 200 Cr in FY17 [Video]

City Beat: Indore To Start Its Smart Makeover With Rs 200 Cr in FY17 [Video]

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Today's City Beat would talk about Indore, the most populous city in Madhya Pradesh which is also one of the 20 cities selected to be developed in the first phase of the Centre's Smart Cities Mission.

The city is all set for a smart makeover. According to the Indore Municipal Corporation, Rs 200 crore will be spent in the financial year 20016-17 to kick-start work on the smart cities project. This amount will be utilised in improving infrastructure, such as roads, water supply and sewer systems.

The total cost of making Indore a smart city is estimated at Rs 5,100 crore. While the Centre and the state government will help the Indore civic body with an assistance of Rs 1,000 crore, the city will have to generate the rest of the funds on its own. To generate these funds, the Indore civic body plans to launch schemes for the redevelopment of old areas in the city under public-private partnerships and sell higher floor area ratio at commercial centres to developers for a premium.

Earlier, the district administration had roped in Madrid-based consultant EPTISA for a period of two years to monitor and evaluate all projects taken up under the Smart Cities Mission. According to media reports, the agency's team will have a total of 33 members working for Indore.

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