City Beat: Chandigarh Simplifies Building Alteration Process [Video]

City Beat: Chandigarh Simplifies Building Alteration Process [Video]

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Today, we talk about Union Territory of Chandigarh, where the housing board has decided that home owners will not need to take its approval before making structural inside their houses.

Famous architect Le Corbusier's Chandigarh, popularly called the City Beautiful, has been making all efforts to become future-ready. The real estate authority in the city is putting in place several policies that would make it happen. Recently, the Chandigarh Housing Board decided that home owners in the city would not need to take its approval before making structural changes inside their houses. Earlier, they had to take an approval from the board for making any changes, even to the interiors of their houses. The move is seen as an attempt to cut the red tape involved in construction activities.

The housing board will also link its property transfer system with the city's real estate office, which already has an online system in place.

In another development, to shelter the city's elders in an effective manner, the board has decided to set aside two to five acres in its upcoming housing schemes for senior citizens. Also, to keep the city's citizens healthy, the Chandigarh Housing Board plans to run yoga workshops in its own office as well as in housing colonies.

Meanwhile, in a piece of news that might disappoint the city's residents, a study of 14 cities by Delhi-based NGO Centre for Science and Environment has named Chandigarh as one of the dirtiest cities in India, thanks to its poor garbage-management system. This seems to contradict with the assessment of the Union Urban Development Ministry, which had in February this year named the city as one of the country's top five cleanest cities.

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