City Beat: Chandigarh Housing Cracks The Whip On Illegal Constructions [Video]

City Beat: Chandigarh Housing Cracks The Whip On Illegal Constructions [Video]

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As illegal constructions see a rise in the city, the Chandigarh Housing Board has issued deadlines to some housing units in Palsora's Sector 56 to bring down the structures, cancelling their allotments. It is to be noted that Palsora is a rehabilitation colony, where illegal construction activities have flourished in the recent past. While the board has ordered the demolition of only 10 units this time, the order is likely to be extended to other such constructions, too.

Meanwhile, according to a media report, while the northern parts of the City Beautiful remain privileged, the southern parts have a lot to catch up as far as civic facilities are concerned. According to the report, 90 per cent of the complaints that the municipal body receives related to amenities such as water supply, sanitation and encroachments are from the sectors in the south. According to the report, the most-affected areas include Sectors 22, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and Mani Majra. The city municipal body launched an online grievance redressal system in December 2012 and launched a toll-free number for citizens to register their complaints in 2014. The report findings are based on the data collected from these sources.

The report gives a special mention to the water woes the residents of the southern sectors face, as the number of complaints related to water problems is the highest. According to the report, while the residents of north draw 1,000 litres per capita per day, those in the south draw only 400 litres.

The water complaints are followed by complaints related to sewage and sanitation. It has to be noted that a recent survey ranked Chandigarh, a city that is considered one of the cleanest cities in India, as one of the dirtiest cities, citing the poor garbage-management system as a reason. Authorities may have to speed up the work on sanitation to retain Chandigarh's old image.

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