Bring Home Love With Mandarin Ducks

Bring Home Love With Mandarin Ducks

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In classical Feng Shui, a pair of Mandarin ducks, the species of ducks popular for their colourful plumage, symbolises love and togetherness. Displaying figurines of Mandarin ducks in the house is believed to improve relationships for married couples and attract love luck for singles.

Traditionally, the feminine qualities are represented by Yin forces while the masculine qualities are reflected through the Yang energies. A breeding pair of Mandarin ducks is a perfect picture of the two opposing energies which ultimately maintain the harmonious balance in the household.

Here is how you can attract good energies with these figurines:

Placement: Since Mandarin Ducks are clear sources of love and romance, the ideal spot to place them is the couple’s bedroom. Place a lovely pair of Mandarin Ducks on the side table beside the lamp. Another interesting way to cherish their attractiveness is through artwork. Hang a painting of the ducks in south-west bagua of the living room.

Materials: The figurines may be available in different materials such as metal, glass or crystals like rose quartz, brass or jade. Among them is the rose quartz that strikes the right chord with the theme, of love and relationships.


Always keep the Mandarin Ducks facing each other. Do not separate the pair. If damaged, replace with a new one. Remember the area where they are kept should be well-lit and clutter-free.

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