Attract Wealth The Feng Shui Way With Laughing Buddha

Attract Wealth The Feng Shui Way With Laughing Buddha

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According to legend, the Laughing Buddha was a Buddhist Zen monk who lived for a thousand years and is still cherished across the world for his benevolent character. Known to bring happiness, prosperity and good fortune, the Buddha is a part of every home, in the form of paintings and statues, even today.

 If you are looking for an ideal Feng Shui tool to attract wealth and abundance for your family, there are some special Buddha statues you can choose for your house. Read below to know more. 

Buddha For Wealth

There are various Laughing Buddha symbols with different meanings. The ones which you could pick include statues where Laughing Buddha is sitting on gold coins or carrying a sack, beads or ingot. Some statues depict the deity with a bag filled with gold nuggets or a pot of gold. In some figurines, the dots or balls that Buddha holds are also compared to ‘pearls of insight’ or as wealth balls. Another pleasing form of the Buddha is the one which depicts him playing with children and symbolises good fortune.


If you wish to enhance your luck and financial prospects, the best place to position the Buddha is the southeast corner of the house which is also the money area. The east direction is also a suitable location for Buddha placement. The living room, dining room, bedroom or the home office are the best places where you can keep the statues. Ensure you de-clutter the surroundings and illuminate it with bright light fixtures.

Keep in mind

Whenever you bring home a Buddha statue, make sure the size is not too small. The size of the statue has positive effects with regards to both, the aesthetics and the energy flow. Position the statues on a high level, preferably at eye level and facing the door. Do not forget to rub Buddha’s stomach, an auspicious gesture that not only brightens your spirits but attracts wealth as well.

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