Attract Fortune With Military Wealth God

Attract Fortune With Military Wealth God

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The Chinese military god of wealth, also known as General Zhao Kong Ming, is a revered deity that bestows humans with blessings of good fortune. This deity and four other wealth gods, the civil god, the rich god, the righteous god and the god of windfall, take turns to deal with financial matters of humans. Epitomising qualities such as confidence, opulence and victory, the wealth god is shown as a warrior adorned with a dragon robe, carrying a giant gold ingot and a supernatural weapon, and seated on a ferocious tiger.

Many Feng Shui practitioners speak about the benefits of keeping symbols of the military wealth god in homes and offices as a source of good luck and prosperity. We bring some useful tips for displaying the symbol at home:

Bagua area for placement

Southeast: Although in the Chinese culture, there are elaborate rituals for welcoming the deity during the Chinese lunar New Year. However, experts clarify that symbols of deities can be simply placed as a Feng Shui cure to attract wealth luck. The best location for the military god is the wealth corner ─ the southeast direction. Choose a clutter-free spot of your living room, the main hall or an office space to display the wealth god.

Northwest: This bagua area attracts blessings and opportunities. So, if you wish to get the best results out of this auspicious symbol, place the figurine of wealth god in this corner. It also helps in clearing off all the negativity of the mind.


*The symbol of the military wealth god can also be used for safeguarding the house from attacking energies. Images of the deity can be hung for protection in the centre of the house.

*While installing a statue, make sure you position it facing towards the front door so that harmful energies or Sha Chi is blocked.

*Keep the deity on an elevated platform. Do not place them near bathroom or kitchen.

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