Where To Get A Flat At Rs 7,000 Monthly Rent Near Hitec City?

Where To Get A Flat At Rs 7,000 Monthly Rent Near Hitec City?

Where To Get A Flat At Rs 7,000 Monthly Rent Near Hitec City?

When Somesh Mahajan, a 27-year old IT professional, got a job offer from a company with an office in the Hitec City, he started searching for a 2BHK apartment in the nearby area. He set the monthly rental budget in the range of Rs 6,000 to 8,000 after factoring-in all his income and expenses. Soon, he found that his budgeting was far from reality.   

To get a 2BHK apartment on rent in the Hitec City, a well-established IT hub in Hyderabad, he had to double his rental budget. A neighbouring locality named Gachibowli also doesn't come in the purview as that locality mainly has 3 or 4BHK units available on rent.

Now what? If this happens to be the situation with you, don't lose hope. Check Tolichowki. This location can be reached within 30 minutes from Hitec City.

Tolichowki is one of the suburbs in the western region of Hyderabad. This locality has proximity to areas such as Hitec City, Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kondapur and Manikonda that are situated within a distance of around 8-12 km.

The rental values in Tolichowki are 10-25 per cent less as compared to the aforementioned localities. Additionally, there is no dearth of 2BHK apartments that are suitable for solos and nuclear families.

A 2BHK unit of 900-1,000 sq ft in Tolichowki is generally available at a monthly rent of Rs 6,000-15,000. On the other hand, in Hitec City, the rentals for apartments of same size range between Rs 15,000-25,000 per month. 

This area is covered well by the TRSTC (Telengana State Road Transport Corporation) buses. As far as road connectivity is concerned, the residents of Tolichowki can reach any part of the city through the Hyderabad Elevated Highway, the Shaikpet Road, the Outer Ring Road and the Old Mumbai Highway.

This locality is also known for numerous historical tombs, mosques as well as other monuments within surrounding areas, particularly the Golconda Fort.

If you are driving, you could reach from here the Hyderabad's Central Railway Station in 20 minutes. The International Airport is located 27 km away from here.

Tolichowki is well-equipped with social infrastructure that encompasses supermarkets, banks, restaurants, hospitals, parlors, saloons and retail outlets. The electricity and water supply is also good as compared to other nearby areas.

However, there are some challenges, such as low-quality network of inner roads, due to which the occupancy rates in this locality are not as expected. It is not something that is under the cover. As the issue is sufficiently highlighted by media and local residents, authorities would solve these issues sooner than later.

Last Updated: Thu Dec 21 2017

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