What Makes Moving To Suburbs Worth It For Renters?

What Makes Moving To Suburbs Worth It For Renters?

What Makes Moving To Suburbs Worth It For Renters?

Suburban life was not a concept Priti Singh, 32, and her husband Raj Kiran Singh, 35, gave much thought. They enjoyed being at the city centre (Delhi in their case) and were quite happy living in their rented accommodation till their expenses increased multifold after the arrival of their child. They needed a bigger house now, but could not afford it in the localities of their choice. Reluctantly, the couple started looking for options in the suburbs. They would soon move to a brand-new 2BHK unit in one of the sectors of Noida, and fall in love with the house. They are much in love with the suburban living concept now.

The city centre did provide them great connectivity, no second thoughts about that. This is an area where those moving to peripheries may have to make a compromise – though, this may not be the case always. But, if you looked at the positives, they do compensate for what is lacking in the form of connectivity.

  • First of all, you do love all the additional space that is at your disposal now. For those who are on a family way, the fringes are the road ahead. A 1BHK in the city could have been a perfect unit to rent when you were a bachelor; your requirements change as the size of your family grows.
  • Not many housing societies in Delhi, for instance, can boast of swimming pools, football courts and gymnasiums. In case they do, it would be way beyond the reach of a renter who plans to pay between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 as monthly rent. In Noida, you can rent a 2BHK house for Rs 15,000 a month and enjoy all these luxuries, data available with Makaan.com show. Priti and Raj knew nothing about swimming earlier. They are getting better at this life-saving skill without having to pay anything. Raj had no time to spare to go up and down to the nearby gym; he can now just appear there at any time of the day that suits him, and he does so. This change in lifestyle is a great change to witness.
  • It is also cleaner, quieter and greener in suburbs. When compared to a city centre, peripheries will have less number of people. This has a direct impact on their cleanliness, quietness and greenery. Additionally, they are free from traffic jams. Unless you have to travel up and down to the city centre frequently, traffic jams will be a rare sight. This is precisely the reason why several corporate giants are choosing the fringes to set shops.
Last Updated: Thu Aug 10 2017

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