Top 5 Features Students Are Looking For In A Rental Accommodation

Top 5 Features Students Are Looking For In A Rental Accommodation

Top 5 Features Students Are Looking For In A Rental Accommodation

Student migration in various states of the country is much more prominent today than it was a decade ago. With numerous universities coming up in every corner of a city, the number of student migrants is also increasing and so is the demand for rental accommodations for students.  Many landlords, especially in popular cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, among others, are open to the idea of renting out their apartments to students. House owners are likely to benefit because they are assured of secure returns for a fixed period, say at least a year.

MakaaniQ lists some crucial features which every student tenant looks for.

Great location and connectivity

If your property is in a prime locality, it is sure to attract student renters because clearly it is not just proximity to colleges that a student looks for but supermarkets and popular hangouts including pubs, coffee shops, sports clubs, etc. It is probable that students may not own a vehicle. So, a well-placed apartment with the availability of good public transportation in the vicinity will be highly preferred.


Since it is not just the college fees they need to consider but house rents besides other miscellaneous expenditure, students look for affordable accommodations that fit their budget limits. Many students agree to share rooms to keep their share of rent at a minimum. This also means they do not seek state-of-the-art features in an apartment but some basic amenities to meet their everyday needs.

Privacy and common areas

Layout of a house is crucial in the case of student properties. Apartments with multiple rooms and bathrooms score over other apartment layouts. Students, especially those living in large groups, will be excited to have common areas such as a large living room, or a basement in their premises.

Quality fixtures and furnishings

Besides basic amenities like electricity and water, consider providing 'extras' like a Wi-Fi connection, essential furniture, fridge, kitchen gadgets and television, which can significantly augment the rental value of your apartment. Students desire such facilities when opting for all-inclusive rental units.

Maid and laundry services

Student tenants cannot be expected to be accountable for the upkeep of the house and perform everyday tasks such as cleaning the house. Plan for maid and laundry services before renting out your property.  

Last Updated: Mon Sep 11 2017

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