Tips On Renting Your First Home As A College Grad

Tips On Renting Your First Home As A College Grad

Tips On Renting Your First Home As A College Grad

Graduated and ready to rent your first property? It is a new undertaking for you that can be a challenge and a completely different experience when compared to the way you lived in your college hostel. A home of your own which you have to take care of, a rented property brings many responsibilities along with the freedom of being on your own.

So, before you go out to look for a rented accommodation for yourself, here are some tips that will help you make a guided decision:

When to begin

So, when is the right time to make the first move? It is suggested that one should look for a rented property only a month prior to the timeline set to move in. A prolonged process can be tiring and confusing, too. If you are awaiting an offer letter for a job, let it come before you plan to rent. Or, in case you have applied to a new set of colleges for further studies, wait until you know which college you would finally choose. Once finalised, the wait will be worthwhile and you could easily set your preferences.

Set your preferences

Like any other person planning to rent, you should also set your preferences. This would include the location, the budget, the size of the apartment, whether single accommodation or sharing it with flatmates , among others. Set a list of these preferences as these will help you filter your search.

The finances

A very important aspect that many starters miss out on. Living in an environment where a lot of things are being taken care of without us paying for them, suddenly changes. In a rented accommodation, you will have to spend from your pocket even for a dish washing detergent. So, the money you have in your account will not only be used to pay rent but also fulfil your daily needs, travelling expense, food and other leisure activities. So, remember only 30 per cent of what comes in your account every month should be used as rent.

The need

Remember a strong paperwork would be needed to rent an accommodation. For instance, that offer letter or your admission card will act as a strong base of identity and credibility with the landlord. The wait is worth it.

Take along

When ready for a trip to rent a property, do not go alone. Take along a mature and an experienced individual to help you make a guided decision. If your pocket allows, hire a broker for the right deal.

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Last Updated: Thu Jul 27 2017

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