Things You Should Not Ignore Before Renting A House

Things You Should Not Ignore Before Renting A House

Things You Should Not Ignore Before Renting A House

During your home search for a rented accommodation, you consider many factors. You check how good the locality is; you calculate the house's distance from your office; you notice whether the social infrastructure is good enough; and, you sure count every penny you will have to pay as rent. However, there are certain factors that may be on your priority list, but ignoring them may give you sleepless nights afterwards.

Clean enough?

You may not consider dirty surroundings as a serious issue; it's not part of your home. However, a garbage house or a sewage pipe running close to your home can cause health issues for you and your family. They would also fume foul smell all the time. Water logging around the area could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Safe enough?

You have checked all the locks, doors and windows of the home, but security in the vicinity of your home is equally important. This is a crucial point you should keep in mind even if you are a student, who does not carry any valuables in the house.

Cool enough?

You may love to live on the top floor of a building as you enjoy the scenic view from the balcony. But, do not forget that a top floor will be warmer in the summer and colder during the winters. A room which gets direct sunlight will take more time to cool down even if there is an air-conditioner and will eventually increase your electricity bill.

Obedient enough?

In case you shift to an apartment, you will have to follow the guidelines set by residents' welfare association (RWA). There might be certain rules that may not suit your lifestyle. Getting to know about the RWA norms once you have shifted to the house may land you in trouble. Do discuss them with your landlord before you finalise the deal.

Legal enough?

Proper documentation is not only important for a landlord but also important for the tenant. Make sure your rent agreement has all the clauses that you have discussed with your landlord verbally. Always keep a copy of your rent agreement with you.   

Last Updated: Mon Sep 05 2016

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