#InternationalStudentsDay: Rules To Follow When Your Child Is Moving To A PG Accommodation

#InternationalStudentsDay: Rules To Follow When Your Child Is Moving To A PG Accommodation

#InternationalStudentsDay: Rules To Follow When Your Child Is Moving To A PG Accommodation

Parents whose children move to big cities to study or in search of jobs are a worried lot. Concerns about their children's safety, security and wellbeing keep occupying their thoughts. While not everything could be in your control if you young child lives in another city, there are a certain thing you can to ensure they are safe.

Keep yourself informed: While your children may be seemingly independent, there is no harm keeping yourself informed about their whereabouts. Jot down the exact address of the place where your child lives. If possible, make frequent visits, too. This would help you understand the vicinity better. If frequent visits are not possible, do ensure you visit them twice a year. What could your visits possibly do? Be sure that it is a good way to understand your child's lifestyle, friends, work culture as well as the neighbourhood.

Be in touch with the landlord: Nothing should hold you back from calling up the landlord. In your absence, they play the role of your child's guardian. Considering that, you should try to know them better. This way you would get to know the landlord and his family. In case you do not like the person or sniff some issues, you could warn your ward before it is too late.

Check the neighbourhood: Most parents would prefer their children staying in college hostels for the sole reason that they are better monitored. However, if that is not possible they have to send their wards to a PG (paying guest) accommodation. In such a scenario, make sure the accommodation is safe and secure.

Know your ward's friends: A man is known by the company he keeps, goes the saying. While your ward might be in a new city, with a new set of friends, try to understand the circle of friends and their families. This has to be done in such a way that you do not come across as a nosy parent, trying the breach the privacy of your child. There are many smart ways to do it. Throw a small party exclusively for your child and his friends. Call their parents as well. There is no better way to bring the families closer.

Gel with the Facebook/WhatsApp culture: Social media and apps are an apt medium to keep in touch with your young. Given the craze around these sites, you cannot deny its power over the young and old alike. Therefore, rather than complaining about how much time your child spends over these mediums, blend in. It will help you know your child's choices better.

Having a WhatsApp account also helps. It is your way to connect when your child is on-the-go. There is nothing like a quick update. Ensure that you store the phone numbers of those who are a constant in the company of your children.

Keep calm: Got to know a secret that your child thought you wouldn't get to know? Don't blast and be calm. Approach the issue with a sane mind and that will help you bring closer to your child. This would help them realise that you are more accepting of their lifestyle than they thought you were.

Safety Apps: Suggest apps such as KiteString, Bugle, SafeTrek, bSafe, Safetipin or Nirbhaya to your youngsters. This would help deal in times of emergencies.

For landlords

Giving out your home to someone you have never known before is an issue. Landlords these days are picky about tenants and this usually makes them refrain from bachelors and spinsters. However, there is a better way to deal with it.

Go for a formal background verification: Background checks are very important and the city police insists that you go for it. However, don't leave the verification just to the authorities. Check whether the tenant is honest about their background, the college or workplace they are claiming to be associated with. Try to find out if they have a previous criminal record.

Maintain contact with guardians: You need to know whom to contact in times of trouble. In fact, you may want to talk about late rent payments or other observations. It always helps to know the tenant's background better.

Create rules: Nobody likes rules but if you are letting out your home, you may as well create certain rules at the very beginning. Tenants can choose to live or leave if they are or aren't comfortable with these rules. Visitor's entry timings should be clarified. If it makes you feel like you are being a nosy landlord, at least ensure you have security systems in place such as CCTVs, security guards, etc. Als, create a rapport with your tenant so that they are willing to share their issues with you.

For young tenants

Ensure your home is safe: Opt for homes for rent or PG accommodations that are genuinely safe. How would you know that? Research about the background of your landlord, make sure the safety provisions they have claimed are for real. If there is a CCTV, ensure that it is up and working.

Have a conversation: It pays to be open about your likes and dislikes. Try to know your landlords better. Are they simply money minded? Would they be open to servicing your repairs at home? Do they have a good record with previous tenants? If you do not get a good vibe, you may always choose to shift. Also, talk to your own guardians and keep them informed about your stay and any personal observations.

Keep emergency alarms ready: Relevant numbers on speed dial and safety-apps on your phone may help you tackle unforeseen circumstances.

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