Renting with a pet?

Renting with a pet?

Renting with a pet?

If you have a pet along with you, finding a rental place is a tough game, especially if the premises is shared. There are fewer number of house owners who would let you keep a pet. Though, mushrooming of apartments and societies have made pet accommodations a commonplace affair, as a pet owner here are few things you can do to convince your landlord.

1. Be a good pet owner: As a pet owner you must be aware of your pets habits and must be able to take control of them. Proper training is inevitable in these conditions.

2. Acknowledge owner’s concerns: If you are opting for Apartments there could be more reasons why people do not want a pet in their surroundings. Some tenants might be allergic. Some owners might have the feeling that animals are dirty and belong outside. As a pet owner you might be in a position to convince them.

3. Narrow your search: Before committing and signing the rent agreements, let the owners know about the pet. If only they are pet-friendly go ahead to check out the house.

4. Pet behaviour and habits: It is good to visit the owner with your pet before moving in. Let the owner actually like the pet and get familiar. Discuss about the pet’s accomplishments if any. Do keep the veterinary documents ready, to show that the pet has been taken care of well and suffers no ailment.

5. Extra security deposit: Some house owners to ask for an extra amount as security deposit if you own a pet. You can offer to pay some extra deposit if they are concerned about your pet messing up with their property.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 09 2013

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