Renting A Barsati? Read This

Renting A Barsati? Read This

Renting A Barsati? Read This

Bachelors and young couples looking for rented accommodations in metro cities do not mind going for spaces built on the terrace. These barsatis, as they are known in North India, cost less when compares to a proper housing set-up. Maintaining them is also comparatively cheaper. In fact, Tier-II cities where apartment living is not popular, people build an extra unit on the top floor to earn additional income. Now the question arises, are these terrace homes, which are also posed as penthouses, safe?

Here are few things that you need to know before renting a home on terraces:

Not always legal

Landlords often create a living space on the terrace to earn additional income through rent. However, this might not be safe for you as a tenant. If your unit is made without any legal permission, authorities might decide to take the structure down one fine day. To avoid such circumstances, you must make sure the unit is legally built. Additionally, you must get the lease agreement registered.

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Not always cheap

As North India faces hot and humid climate for the most part of the year, staying on the top floor is a big challenge for the tenants. Though the rent is affordable, the power consumption charges for using air conditioning and water coolers bring the total expenditure equivalent to that of regular set-ups. Apart from this, electrical appliances and gadgets get adversely affected because of the surplus heat. Over-heated homes can impact health as well.

Not always safe

Terrace rooms are often not as safely guarded or protected as the ground floor or mid-story flats are. Also, building houses with common roof boundaries make it easy for anti-social elements to trespass into the house. For tenants to be safe from such incidence, ensure double entry gate lock system has been installed on your main gate. It would be preferable if your room does not have direct entrance from the roof. You can also ask your landlord to get the channel gate installed as it is safer as compared to a usual wooden door.

While renting a home in an independent house has its own advantage such as more well-maintained home and better amenities, make sure the home you are renting is not the one where your mental peace and safety is at stake.  

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Last Updated: Fri Sep 01 2017

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