Where To Look For Affordable Homes On Rent In Pune?

Where To Look For Affordable Homes On Rent In Pune?

Where To Look For Affordable Homes On Rent In Pune?

 In case you have moved to Pune because of your employment in the city's thriving information technology or automobile industry or you are in this haven of education to pursue higher studies, you will need to rent a house. As a newcomer to this city, you would prefer to live in a locality that does not require too much of financial pressure initially. You would also want to rent a place as soon as possible. In this article, we list localities which are among the best suppliers of rental stock in the city, apart from being affordable.

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Wagholi: Primarily an industrial area, Wagholi is emerging as a residential locality.  Since this locality has a concentration of BPOs and educational institutes, the demand for Wagholi among the working population is quite high—data show Wagholi records the highest number of home searches in Pune. Data available with Makaan.com show the average monthly rate at Wagholi is Rs 13,300 a month. However, you could rent a 1BHK for as less as Rs 4,000/month, too. Add another grand or two in your budget and you will be able to rent a 2BHK or 3BHK also. Apart from being a rich rental market, Wagholi is the top choice of homebuyers and the biggest supplier of properties meant for sale.

*Wagholi is also the second biggest supplier of rental properties.

*Wagholi has a livability score of 8 on a scale of 10.

Check out your options at Wagholi here.

Wakad: This locality lying in the western part of Pune is about three kilometre away from the information technology hub of Hinjewadi, is well connected with the reaming of Pune though an efficient road network. Little wonder then that Wagholi real estate has seen a phenomenal growth in the past decade. While the average monthly rent is Rs 16,800, there is no lack of options if you have a lower budget. You could find a 2BHK rented accommodation for Rs 5,500 a month. Depending on the exact location, construction quality and brand of the developer, rent for a 2BHK home may go as high as Rs 30,000/month.

*The area is the eight-biggest supplier of rental properties.

*Wakad has a livability score of 9.4 on a scale of 10.

Check out options at Wakad here.

Hinjewadi: This growth of this locality, which was once a village located on the outskirts of Pune on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway, is nothing but remarkable.  Today, it is home to one of India's fastest growing technology parks, Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park. After Hadapsar, the demand for rental homes is the highest at Hinjewadi, data show. The supply is as good. Monthly rent for a plush 3BHK may go as high as Rs 42,000, but, you will find no lack of options to rent a unit of similar configuration for Rs 5,000. 1BHK and 2BHK units will cost you even less.

*Hinjewadi has a livability score of 8 on a scale of 10.

*The area is the 11th-biggest supplier of rental properties.

Check out your options here.

Note: The analysis is based on the data available with Makaan.com

Last Updated: Fri Jan 05 2018

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