Planning To Rent? Choose A Furnished Unit

Planning To Rent? Choose A Furnished Unit

Planning To Rent? Choose A Furnished Unit

Many renters tend to stay in the same apartment for years together. Why? They are not willing to take the pain of shifting from one place to another. Shifting would include packing everything from one apartment and unpacking and settling in the other. If they were to switch from one furnished rented unit to another, they won't have to think twice before moving.  You have the option of traveling light when you live in a furnished home.

A furnished rented place enables you:

Make a quick move: A furnished home can be a good rental option as you could make a quick move into the apartment without thinking of how difficult it will be pack and unpack. This can be a good deal for frequent movers. Have a job for which you have to switch cities often? A furnished rental apartment is perfect for you.

Save money: No more investing in heavy furniture. Moving into a furnished apartment helps you save money because you do not have to buy heavy furniture. Moreover, you will also save on packers and movers every time you have to pack your heavy furniture and move it into a new place. Thought about the wear and tear your furniture goes through when shifting?

Get short lease: A furnished apartment is a suitable option for those who lease or use it for a short period. For instance, a frequently-travelling businessman who only has to stay in the property for a short duration during his trip to a city, a furnished apartment works well.

The other side

This travel light concept, however, costs you, too.

Higher rent and security deposit: For a property that is fully furnished would ask for a higher rent when compared to a semi or a non-furnished counterpart. On the other hand, due to the furniture available to the tenant, the security deposit of the property will be higher, too. The landlord would include the wear and tear of the furniture, too.

Liability and maintenance: While you will get furniture in the property itself, maintaining it and ensuring that it is not damaged when you move out is a liability you will have to take up. Even a scratch on the bed could cost you. Make sure you make a video or take pictures of every furnishing article before you move in. This can come handy in case the landlord tries to cut your security deposit for a damage you did not cause.  

Fewer options available: Not many landlords have ventured into providing furnished apartments. There are still not many options available for those looking for such a property. So, your search might be a little prolonged if you choose to find a furnished apartment.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 27 2018

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