Looking For Rental Property Online? These Tips Will Come Handy

Looking For Rental Property Online? These Tips Will Come Handy

Looking For Rental Property Online? These Tips Will Come Handy

Thanks to many online tools flooding the internet today, renting an apartment of your choice from a range of listings, is much easier and convenient. These tools also save your valuable time by enabling you to refine your searches.

MakaaniQ brings six valuable tips for first-time renters for hassle free online rental search.

Plan your budget

Consider drawing up a budget before beginning your search. Do not ignore the possible additional costs like utility bills, transport expenses, etc., along with the rental costs. Ensure you are getting the best value by accessing advertisements of similar apartments in similar locations. Additionally, details given on the site might not be accurate or updated; so always lower your expectations to avoid disappointments at a later stage.

Know the neighbourhood beforehand

It is advisable to do sufficient research about the neighbourhood or community where you are looking for a house. That way, you can be sure if the place is safe and suitable for you or your family. This will help you in filtering the results of neighbourhoods you can possibly move to. Also, while you check out the location, do not fall for catchy photos posted on the site. It is better to get a personal view, either by directly visiting the place or seeking a friend's opinion, to get a clearer picture.

Prepare a list of must-have amenities or features

List down the most important features you are looking for in your new apartment. This could also include security arrangements, maintenance facilities and even pet-friendliness. Do not forget to refine your searches while browsing through the site, to save on time. Seek professional help if required.

Know your rights

As a potential tenant, you would be directly communicating with a landlord without any mediator. So, it becomes necessary to equip yourself with knowledge about the rights and responsibilities of a renter. This also refers to advocating for yourself in matters pertaining to rules of rental accommodation or negotiating the lease term and rental rate.

Visit genuine and reliable websites

Steer clear of shady and fake websites. The database should include information such as the area in a square foot, number of bedrooms, monthly price and deposit amount, etc., which should be shared with users. This would reflect the credibility of the real estate website.

Take precautions

Use credit card options while making online payments, say for, deposits. Credit card companies are more likely to monitor fraudulent transactions, which puts you in an advantageous position compared to payments made through cheque or e-transfer.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 19 2018

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