Interested In Renting Your Property For Film Shooting? Here's Your Guide

Interested In Renting Your Property For Film Shooting? Here's Your Guide

Interested In Renting Your Property For Film Shooting? Here's Your Guide

Getting awestruck by the mansion of Akshara Singhania in 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' or the castle in 'Balika Vadhu' is not strange because the sheer magnanimity of the house mesmerises us. And, this often leaves us wondering who are the masters of these heavens.

While most of these set-ups are temporary ones, some producers and production houses also prefer to shoot in permanent homes or rented houses, if the script demands. Since the market of such soap operas is very large, the demand for such locations is also increasing. Not only such homes are cost-effective than raising a set but they also bring newness to the screen which enhances its aesthetic value.

Plush is not always in-demand

Usually, production controllers and art directors are in search of homes which have a good facade, parking area, furniture, kitchen and a large number of rooms. But that's not the case always. There are times where they want a specific type of home which has a detailed background like Bandra Worli Sea link or Howrah Bridge or Qutub Minar. Houses offering such views are always in demand. Of late, producers insist on new locations as showing same home in more than one serial is boring and easily identifiable. For example, a house in Thiruvananthapuram is known as Kumkumapoovu because the entire opera was shot there. But now, no another producer is interested in using the same backdrop again. 

How to rent your home for shooting a television show?

Usually, art directors and assistants are responsible for searching for the suitable location for the scene. “We usually place an ad or sometimes browse property sites and dailies where owners advertised about their willingness to lease out their property for shooting,” says Kumar Menon, one of the aspiring art directors in the Malayalam film industry.

Usually, the choice of location remains close to Mumbai because of logistics but these days production houses are not shying away from distant places, including New Delhi and Jaipur, if the script demands. This is because of ample availability of cheaper local talent and other contingencies which involve fewer expenses. You can also consider renting out your property for commercial ad shoots or photo shoots which usually get wraps up in a day or two. If you have a large vacant open space, you can rearrange it with props and quirky background for pre-wedding shoots. 

Cost you can expect

The rental value of such mansions depends on the location, look and feel of the house. Usually, a big mansion in a good location fetches between Rs 4,000 and Rs 10,000 daily. However, the maintenance cost involved is too high. The property is, most of the time, left dirty and sometimes with minor damage. Repairing and maintaining the property can cause a dent in your pocket. Hence, here are few tips that you should keep in mind before renting your home for serial shoots.

  • Get your home insurance done.
  • Do not lease your home for a long-term.
  • Take clearance from your housing society or any association if required.
  • Be prepared for the intrusions. There could be a chance that your home is completely rearranged with new paint and furniture. Also, there could be a day when there are 150 strangers in your home, depending upon the production level.

Seeing your home on the screen can be fascinating but not all that shines is gold. It comes with own challenges which you must face while renting out your property for films/serials. Advertise your property on internet portals, dailies and websites to make your property seen by interested art directors.

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Last Updated: Mon Dec 24 2018

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