How To Find The Right Roommate

How To Find The Right Roommate

How To Find The Right Roommate

Planning to rent a property but have a tight budget or the property that fits your criteria is  beyond your budget? It's time you look for a roommate. Having a roommate doesn't only make financial sense, but, can be a great support.

MakaaniQ lists certain tips that you should follow while looking out for the 'right' roommate:

Apartment first or roommate first

This is one of the crucial situations that many face. Whether you should close on the apartment first or find the right roommate is a question that every renter has in mind. Both the situations have their pros and cons. If you find the apartment first, you might be closing on a good deal but it will also limit your horizon of roommates you could approach who will find the apartment a right fit. On the other hand, if you find the perfect roommate, you will have to take in their suggestions for the right apartment and might have to compromise on the one you pick together.

Put a list of dos and don'ts

Before you start looking out, create a list of things you would want and not want in a roommate. This would include daily habits and routine. You could ask them questions like:

  • Morning person or night person: So what if you like to go to bed early and your roommate likes to watch movies in the night. On the other hand, what if you want to have late evening parties at home and your roommate likes to hit the sack early.
  • Are you a pet person?: So, does a potential roommate love or not love animals. Or do they have a pet and you are not a pet person.
  • Working hours: Does your roommate or you have graveyard shifts? So, how will the two of you manage home?
  • Personal habits: Know whether the potential roommate is an ideal fit for you.  Knowing the habits of a prospective roommate such as smoking and hygiene makes it easier to comprehend whether or not you would like to share an accommodation.

How to find them

With social media and various messaging apps, spreading information that you are looking for a roommate is so much easier. So, where all could you go to find them. Well, just unlock your mobile phone and open the social media app, say, Facebook. Find pages dedicated to renters and post a request. See how quickly you will find a potential roommate. Or how about posting a request on a Whatsapp group consisting of all your college or school alumni? The information is spread quickly and the right roommate emerges.

Background search

Once you have touched base with a list of potential roommates and zeroed on two or three you found suitable, it's time you run a background check. During initial interaction whatever information you have gained about them including workplace, hometown, education among others, use it to run the check. Check with their colleagues or with friends who know them or recommended them. This would help you gain insight about how the roommate as a person is.

Friends? Think again

Couldn't find the right roommate hence, planning to call in your buddy who was looking for a rented accommodation? Think again. Living with a friend is not always a great idea. Though you are perfect when it comes to the thought process or choice of clothes you wear or food you eat, living together is a different ballgame altogether. There are certain things they do or you do that either of you might not like. A continuous cash crunch with either of the parties could also sour the relationship you have with your friend as it would put a financial burden on one of you.

Last Updated: Mon Jun 12 2017

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